Where to Go & Whom to See at BSGE

Who is the...

Role Name Email
Principal Dr. Heather Page hpage@nicemoz.com
Assistant Principal Ms. Milena Mihalache mmihalache@nicemoz.com
Assistant Principal Mr. Karl Boyno kboyno@nicemoz.com
Assistant Principal Ms. Avionne Gumbs


Parent Coordinator Ms. Margaret Pasach mpasach@nicemoz.com
Guidance Counselor Ms. Christine Chaputian cchaputian@nicemoz.com
College Advisor Mr. Peter Wilson pwilson@nicemoz.com
IB Coordinator Ms. Jaime Meisler jmeisler@nicemoz.com
Social Worker Ms. Kat Brown kbrown@nicemoz.com


Where to Go and Whom to See If...


If... Contact...
I become ill or injured Nurse’s Office, Room 104
I am returning to school after an injury Ms. Noboa, Main Office
I lost my ID card Email lostID@nicemoz.com
I lost my MetroCard Ms. Noboa, Main Office or jnoboa@nicemoz.com
I have questions about my program

Ms. Chaputian, Room 110 or cchaputian@nicemoz.com

I need to change my personal information Ms. Noboa, Main Office or jnoboa@nicemoz.com
I need to call home Main Office
I want to join a sports team Mr. Mehan or mmehan@nicemoz.com
I need working papers Ms. idzinski  connect.nicemoz.com/student_resources
I need a lunch application Ms. Idzinski, Main Office or online: www.myschoolapps.com 
I have a problem with another student Ms. Chaputian, Ms. Mihalache, or Ms. Brown
I am being bullied/harassed Ms. Chaputian, Ms. Mihalache, or Ms. Brown
I need information about graduation requirements Ms. Chaputian
I need information about college Mr. Wilson
I need information about the SAT/ACT www.collegeboard.com, Mr. Wilson
I need information about SAT/ACT prep courses Mr. Wilson
I need information about the IB Program Ms. Meisler
I need to turn in my absence note Attendance Box in the Main Office or email attendance@nicemoz.com
I need information about my science labs Dr. Helfenbein, Room 308 or khelfenbein@nicemoz.com
I need to use a computer Room 105, Room 114 or AP Boyno
I need to print Room 105, Room 114
I need to make a photocopy Main Lobby
I need to email my teacher Go to the school’s website, connect.nicemoz.com
I need an elevator pass Ms. Noboa, Main Office
I need to leave school early Main Office – An adult with photo ID, listed on the blue card, must sign me out.
I forgot my BSGE Google password AP Boyno kboyno@nicemoz.com
I had my phone confiscated by a teacher AP Office
I need an official copy of my transcript Ms. Chaputian, AP Office
I want to start an after school activity/club Fill out the form at the bottom of this page